Fitting Tabata Workouts At Home into Your Daily Routine

Published: 03rd March 2011
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The convenience of working out at home is obvious to everyone, there's no travel time, for a start. Of course there are no gym fees and no waiting for equipment to become available. All of these advantages make home workouts a great option for busy parents. However, with family and work commitments even with the travel time not an issue it can be difficult to find the time. By using the Tabata method your workout can be done and dusted in double quick time.

Aside from warming up and cooling down the Tabata workout takes just four minutes to complete! Yep, that's right, just four little minutes. Warming up is the wise choice though as a proper Tabata workout is four minutes of flat out, full power effort, no skimping allowed.

The warm up can be a regular type of approach, some jogging or cycling to get the blood moving and loosen the joints, or it could conceivably involve some housework to really squeeze your workout into your day. Making the beds, hanging out the washing or cleaning is energetic enough to warm up especially if done in a hurry! A few joint rotations are you're ready!

By getting chores done while cooling down finding the time to workout is pretty straightforward. The cool down could involve any of the chores mentioned earlier, only at a lesser pace. If time is not a factor you could add a few Yoga poses to add some flexibility training into your workout.

Being extremely versatile your Tabata workout can concist of just bodyweight exercises such as press ups (any type), squats, mountain climbers or sit up variations. Alternatively, you can use any exercise equipment you may have, cycling or rowing machines are excellent. The absolutely essential thing to understand is that no matter what the exercise you choose you must perform these at as intense a pace as you can possibly manage.

You simply have to bang out as many reps as you can!

The Tabata protocol involves eight sets or rounds of 20 seconds of flat out effort followed by 10 seconds of rest before moving onto the next 20 seconds of effort. You can use one single exercise or rotate through several different ones! That's entirely your choice BUT keep the intensity maximum. To help ensure you work flat out the timing of the sets shoud be handled be the excellent Gymboss interval timer. It's fantastic value and does the job with minimum fuss, allowing you to concentrate on putting in the effort.

Using everyday chores as part of a warm up or cool down effectively reduces the overall time of your tabata workout. This means you will be able to squeeze workouts into your daily routine.


Click through to this great hub for more information on the Tabata method and how to use it for workouts at home, which will give you tips on how to design your workouts and read this great review about the essential Gymboss Interval Timer and how it will help you maximise the benefits of your Tabata workouts!

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