Tabata Workouts For Martial Arts

Published: 21st March 2011
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Martial arts training requires a decenet level of fitness particularly if you are involved in competitioin fighting, whether that is in the ring or on the mat. Even if you don't compete as you gain experience the greater the need for fitness improvements. Tabata training will send your fitness levels soaring with time-saving workouts specific to your martial art.

The Tabata training method involves working your way through a four minute protocol that will seem like a lot longer. Over time though you will love them and they will leave you feeling energized!

The four minutes are broken into eight rounds with a work to rest ratio of 20s:10s. While this may sound straightforward in reality this four minute workout simply must be flat out. Only flat out is good enough. Tabata workouts can seem like longer than four minutes and leave you knackered.

If you feel okay afterwards either you are not working hard enough or you need to up the intensity. In the original study the participants were working at 170% VO2 max, which means really hard in everyday language. You need to mimic this to glean the benefits.

The benefits are worth having because Tabata training will send your cardio through the roof, both aerobic and anaerobic fitness will soar while you simply burn calories for fun even after you have finished working out. This is because your metabolic rate will be raised for hours afterwards.

With intensity being the key ingredient you need to give yourself every chance to pump out as many reps of whatever exercise you choose. It is essential to have someone to do the timing for you; clock watching only serves to distract from the task at hand, namely working out as hard as possible over the four minutes.

If training alone you will need to get hold of the Gymboss timer, which is the best Tabata clock out there. There are others but for price and functionality it is the winner by some distance. Of course, it can be used for all manner of timing purposes both interval style and general.

In conjunction with the Tabata protocol you can combine drills and martial art specific exercises with regular stuff like burpees and squats to design your own workout to fulfil your martial arts needs. For example, you can base each Tabata workout on a particular area of training. One could be groundwork based another punching based, you could even break it down to exercises for a particular skill in an area of your martial art, such as a certain throw or similar. Given the short duration of Tabata training you are limited only by your imagination. Tabata training really is the perfect workout for martial arts fitness training!


To get started planning your Tabata workouts just read the martial arts fitness training hub which has all the information you require to get going. Then get your Gyboss timer to ensure you are able to maximise the benefits from your training.
And that is all you will need to take your training to the next level. As your fitness improves so willyour regular skills training, thereby raising your game further!
So what's stopping you?

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