The Best Tabata Clock Options For Your High Intensity Interval Workouts

Published: 03rd March 2011
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One of the best, if not THE best, workout protocol available is the Tabata method which will get you very fit AND strip the fat from your body in a fraction of the time you would expect to spend exercising. Amazingly, outside of warm-up and cool-down, the Tabata method takes just four minutes to complete!

The entire Tabata cycle runs through eight 30 second intervals of 20 seconds effort and 10 seconds rest. Almost any exercise can be used in the protocol as long as it is performed flat out. This part is critical, to glean maximum benefits you simply have to push, push, push. The effort section of each round in the cycle must be nothing less than turbo charged!

All very simple and extremely effective by the sound of it, and it is there really isn't a catch, other than the flat out intensity, but hey no pain no gain? One way to ensure you can push through the entire 20 seconds of effort in each round is to have a friend controlling the timing for you, so you can focus entirely on working hard. When training alone the best alternative is an interval timer which removes the need to watch the clock.

When I first started with the Tabata method I searched for a timer on the internet and was left disappointed with what was on offer. There was nothing available, for free that was up to much. I ended up with a sports watch with an interval timer included. This was fine for a while but in the end it broke and I was once again in need of a good portable timer.

Nowadays there are several software options for pc's and mac's, great but not very portable even if you have a laptop. This is all very well but no good if outdoors. In due course I ordered the wonderful Gymboss timer which has been fantastic. I am now on my second after losing the first and have been delighted to see that the latest version is even better than the earlier one.

I am extremely happy with this excellent piece of kit and thoroughly recommend it to anyone using the Tabata method, it really does set you free to get the most from your workout. But it doesn't end there as the timer is versatile enough to be programmed for almost any interval timing you are ever likely to require - one or two intervals of up to 99 minutes running for up to 99 times! It's also portable, easy to use and at under $20 is great value. They have a depot in the UK which means shiiping is fast and efficient.

As well as making the workout easier to run the versatility means you can use it for all manner of High Intensity Interval Training protocols and it has a stopwatch and regular countdown timer to boot! There is a clip which allows it to fit onto your belt or clothing.

You can use it for all sorts of High Intensity Interval Training protocols and it has a stopwatch and countdown timer too. It's small, just the size of a little pager so can be used wherever you need it.

In addition to free online options available, software to use on your computer and even on your phone, there are simple mp3 recordings which you can use too. A number of these are reviewed in an article in the link below. Although functional they cannot outdo the Gymboss, in my opinion!


Aspromised here is the link to the review of free and paid Tabata clocks -
However, if keen to go for the excellent Gymboss timer you can find further information at this great little hub -

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